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Our Stem Cell Companies

  • Global Stem Cells Group

    Global Stem Cells Group’s corporate mission is to make the promise of stem cell medicine become a reality for patients around the world. We’ve brought together six operating companies, each focused on the cutting edge of healing with stem cell treatments into one global network. Each of the companies has a different mission and each company has based its mission on authentic and proven research and science.

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  • Global Stem Cell Foundation

    The Foundation was formed as a non-profit charitable organization with aims to fund research on the expanding need for stem cell solutions for patients and identify best practices between physicians engaged in stem cell treatments in the US and around the world.

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  • AdiMarket

    AdiMarket provides superior products, services, and stem cell extraction tools to physicians and medical practitioners.

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  • MedBiologics

    MedBiologics is our solutions platform providing a full array of cutting edge products and training for the medical community.

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  • Stem Cell Training

    Stem Cell Training provides expert training around the world to Physicians and their staff for stem cell extraction and reintegration protocols using highly qualified professional trainers.

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  • Regenestem

    Regenestem provides education, counseling and medical treatment solutions to patients considering treatment with leading edge stem cell solutions as an alternative treatment for various ailments at our world class medical practice in Cancun Mexico.

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  • The Regenestem Network

    The Regenestem Network is our medical practice platform for a worldwide network of respected physicians who provide stem cell solutions within their practice. They have been trained in our protocols and work together to provide research driven education, counseling and treatments to patients..

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